[Dixielandjazz] Yama Yama Man - yet another possible clue?

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> I have been spending some time on the internet  trying to find any more 
> info about the mysterious Yama Yama Man. I have been reading a very 
> interesting new book (well, new to the USA, it has been around for a 
> while in the UK) called "No Go The Bogeyman" by Marina Warner - all 
> about the history of "Bogeymen" throughout recorded civilization (and 
> even before that ;-)  I have not found any specific references to the 
> Yama Yama Man yet, but I am not through the book yet.

Musically, the song Yama Yama Man was from the show, The Three Twins.  This 
dates back to about 1906 and the big number from that show was Cuddle Up A 
Little Closer, austensibly to protect the girl from the Yama Yama Man..

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