[Dixielandjazz] INSURANCE

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 12 07:15:41 PDT 2004

It is always good to have liability insurance as an individual, as a
band, as a club owner, etc. The worst case scenario happened a year or
two ago in Rhode Island, USA, if you remember.

During a Rock Band Performance, the visual effects member of the band
set off some firework displays indoors in a club. The place caught fire.
Crowd panicked. MANY (100 or so) were burned to death.

Who got sued? The band, (fireworks were part of their "act")  the visual
effects guy, (he set them off) the club, (fireproofing not up to code,
audience over capacity) the city fire marshall, (didn't monitor permit
grants) etc., etc., etc.  The resultant liability pay out would easily
exceed 100 million dollars, meaning bankruptcy for all involved but the

Who paid? EVERYBODY.  It is wise to protect yourself, even if not
required by the venue, with a simple rider (which also covers other
liability possibilities) on your personal insurance policy.

Steve Barbone

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