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> > Anyone wanna take bets on just how long it will be before this scam is
> > uncovered?
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> What Scam Bob?

Telling the customer that the CD was recorded that very night, when it was
really recorded in a studio just before the tour, or when it is taken from
different, preceding concerts.

As I said, the band may go out for a 6 month tour & pretty much do the same
show every night.  After a week or so, they could have enough takes on the
various songs, to put together a CD & sell it, claiming that it was recorded
that night.

>  This clearly falls under Artistic Control and is exercised by the artists
> make sure no illegal or unethical promoter releases anything not
> flattering to the artist ego as acceptable performances of his/her work.

Of course the band would be in on it.

> I
> even had to negotiate such a deal with a live recording with Arthur
Fiedler and
> the Boston Pops, if they don't approve the performance quality they can
> to let you issue the product, and everything that you spent to produce it
> down the toilet.  In the case of Arthur it would have cost us
> dollars a day every day to re-record them until they got a take they were
> with.  Fortunately we had a very good crew of engineers and got it all on
> first take, and fortunately for us so did they, Talk about rolling the
> dice!!!!  :)) Crystal Clear records CCS7003 if you can find a copy.  Well
> listening to a piece of recording history.
> It was reviewed as the best recording the Boston Pops had ever done, and
> did it direct to disc, Capriccio Espagnol  opus 34 and Capriccio Italien
> 45.
> > I see nothing wrong with doing it, getting the best takes from several
> > nights &then selling the CDs.  However, I feel that hyping it as being
> > show you just attended is illegal &unethical.
> They refer to that commonly as State of the Art Technology Bob.
> A Live recording is a Live recording no matter how or where you record it,
> have done them in concert Halls on the street corner and in studios,
> and anywhere else musicians perform live.  There is nothing illegal or
> unethical about touting it as a Live Recording,

I agree.  But, you are missing my point.  Telling the customer that it was
recorded that very night, when it wasn't, is mis-representation.


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