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> Anyone wanna take bets on just how long it will be before this scam is
> uncovered?

What Scam Bob? 

 This clearly falls under Artistic Control and is exercised by the artists to 
make sure no illegal or unethical promoter releases anything not considered 
flattering to the artist ego as acceptable performances of his/her work.  I 
even had to negotiate such a deal with a live recording with Arthur Fiedler and 
the Boston Pops, if they don't approve the performance quality they can refuse 
to let you issue the product, and everything that you spent to produce it is 
down the toilet.  In the case of Arthur it would have cost us Sixty-Thousand 
dollars a day every day to re-record them until they got a take they were happy 
with.  Fortunately we had a very good crew of engineers and got it all on the 
first take, and fortunately for us so did they, Talk about rolling the 
dice!!!!  :)) Crystal Clear records CCS7003 if you can find a copy.  Well worth 
listening to a piece of recording history.

It was reviewed as the best recording the Boston Pops had ever done, and we 
did it direct to disc, Capriccio Espagnol  opus 34 and Capriccio Italien  opus 

> I see nothing wrong with doing it, getting the best takes from several
> nights &then selling the CDs.  However, I feel that hyping it as being the
> show you just attended is illegal &unethical.

They refer to that commonly as State of the Art Technology Bob.

A Live recording is a Live recording no matter how or where you record it, I 
have done them in concert Halls on the street corner and in studios, Churches 
and anywhere else musicians perform live.  There is nothing illegal or 
unethical about touting it as a Live Recording, unless of course one or more of the 
musicians are actually dead, as in the case of Natalie and Nat King Cole,  and 
Elvis and whoever it was that sang the duets with him long after he was 
declared gone missing :))   For the consideration of those who might still believe 
that he is alive and coming back to sing again some day.

For those folks I have a Live CD of him recorded Jan 1, 2004,  secretly in my 
private studios in the Bahamas,  coming out in 2030, so if you wish to 
purchase a limited edition copy of it now send a self stamped return addressed 
envelope along with $30.00 cash to Rev. Tom -Bob Records,  P.O. Box 2030  Del Rio, 
Texas and it will be mailed to you on Jan 1, 2030 in a plain brown wrapped 
package to avoid theft by the postal workers.

> Promoters doing illegal &unethical things???  Naw, never happen???

Ain't technology wonderful ?

Sort of the same thing as "Original Masters digitally remixed for quality"
We should be thankful so we don't have to listen to many of those technically 
abysmal bad recordings of the 1920s and 30s for ever.

Tom Wiggins

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