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> So my question is: can CD's be burned at high speed? That would
> enable them to be sold "immediatelty" after the concert.
> And I agree a warts-and-all copy of the actual live performance would be
> preferable to a prerecorded version. Nobody complained about "Diminuendo
> and Crescendo in Blue"!  Nor the Benny Goodman 1938 Carnegie Hall
> Concert
>    Bert Joss.
> jaroberts at webtv.net

With the proper equipment yes Bert, in less time than it takes you to burn 
one on your home computer you can burn 4,8, 12, or 20 at a time in a matter of 
less than five minutes if you have enough slave capacity set up in your.   And 
I might add that in volumne you can crank them out for about $2.00 each with 
pre printed full color inserts, or better yet pre printed sleeves, and you can 
even shrinkwrap them on the spot as well if you wish, which however is a waste 
of money since they are going to rip it off and throw it on the ground in the 
parking lot causing you another problem and additional clean up costs from 
the venue and or the city.   


Tom Wiggins

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