[Dixielandjazz] "Live" vs. studio

Bert Joss jaroberts at webtv.net
Sun Jul 11 07:54:39 PDT 2004

I've long had an LP called "Beauty and the Beat" featuring Peggy Lee and
the George Shearing Trio(?), recorded "live" at a Miami disc jocket
convention. Lots of crowd noise, applause, ad lib intros, etc. I
recently learned that it wasn't live at all, the musical numbers having
been recorded in a studio. So I obtained the new CD of just the musical
numbers.  Know what? The old LP is more enjoyable! The ambience of the
crowd, the excitement, all came through.
OK, part of the LP was live, and it sure made for a "better" LP than the
somewhat sterile CD.
              Bert Joss

jaroberts at webtv.net

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