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Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
Sun Jul 11 02:47:56 PDT 2004

Dear Bob & Bill,

Just looked again at the 16 track listing for 34 Internationales Dixieland
Festival in Dresden.  It is interesting to note that alongside each track
the recording date is given.  I did not notice this before.  5 tracks were
recorded earlier on 12/5/2004 with the remaining ones recorded 14/5/2004.  I
can report that both Zenith numbers (i.e. tracks 2 and 15) were recorded and
sold within 12 hours after we played them.  I suppose they had some material
'on ice' and ready.
Bill Haesler will be annoyed with me because we could not remember the
composers of our concert set numbers.  And guess what?  The only two we
remembered were the tracks they put on the CD !!  Brahms Lullaby was not too
difficult and Jack Wiard knew the composer for his featured Stealin' Apples
number.  Maybe they did not have any time to research this information?  I'm
sure Hot Antic (only band with three tracks) knew all their composers. (Just

I know most bands will probably play safe using well tried and proved
numbers in their playing sets when in front of a large audience.  Our
fearless leader does not do this and operates like the modern disk jockeys
sensing the mood of the audience/floor for fast/slow and quiet/raucous
numbers to keep us all on our toes, much to the annoyance of the rest of the
band.  Just came back from a gig were Caravan and Stranger on the Shore were
audience requested - we had not played these for about 10 years !!  We have
unfortunately also been asked by the agent about Public Liability insurance
cover!?  That should open up a can of worms for musicians verses insurance
companies.  We had a sit in singer friend from the past and I jokingly
warned her that she sang with us on the stage at her own risk.

Tom (Public Liability worm) Wood

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> I'd be willing to bet that a band out on tour is doing the same show night
> after night.  The recording that goes on sale 5 minutes after the concert
> over, I'll bet was recorded last night, or parts taken out of several
> until they get just what they want & then continue to sell it as just made
> minutes ago.
> Anyone wanna take bets on just how long it will be before this scam is
> uncovered?
> I see nothing wrong with doing it, getting the best takes from several
> nights & then selling the CDs.  However, I feel that hyping it as being
> show you just attended is illegal & unethical.
> Promoters doing illegal & unethical things???  Naw, never happen???
> --Bob
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