[Dixielandjazz] Re: The worm turns - at long last

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Sat Jul 10 22:00:48 PDT 2004

Jim Kash says:

> I have worked on many a live recording, in the post production area (I'm
> working on a 22 CD project at the moment...Latin American Baroque), and
> guarantee you that the 3 minutes/5 minutes of applause heard during the
> concert at the end of a song is exciting "at the moment", in the heat of
> concert, but if all that is left in on a recording it can begin to sound
> very long when heard over and over.  So....we that do these sort of things
> can cut the applause a bit, blending in the next song, and make it all
> very natural, leaving more music and a bit less applause on the recording.
> Same goes for that "nasty note" that won't be noticed in a live concert,
> will stick out like a sore thumb on a recording that is heard over and
> Or, that ending that didn't quite work like it should have...etc., etc.
> All that, too, can be removed or fixed....and, if it's done by an expert,
> with professional equipment, then the patch up can not...should not, be
> heard.


I'd be willing to bet that a band out on tour is doing the same show night
after night.  The recording that goes on sale 5 minutes after the concert is
over, I'll bet was recorded last night, or parts taken out of several nights
until they get just what they want & then continue to sell it as just made 5
minutes ago.

Anyone wanna take bets on just how long it will be before this scam is

I see nothing wrong with doing it, getting the best takes from several
nights & then selling the CDs.  However, I feel that hyping it as being the
show you just attended is illegal & unethical.

Promoters doing illegal & unethical things???  Naw, never happen???

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