[Dixielandjazz] Re: The worm turns - at long last

l.swain at comcast.net l.swain at comcast.net
Sat Jul 10 18:51:37 PDT 2004

Not exclusively OKOM, but perhaps relevant to this thread....

Earlier this year I attended a performance in the Cape Cod Chamber Music series that 
included the Borromeo String Quartet, augmented by a second string quartet, playing The 
Mendelssohn String Octet, that blew me away.  I was surprised and delighted to learn soon 
after that I could order a CD of the very performance I attended and enyoyed so much, and 
enthusiastically ordered a CD of the entire evening's program for $20, shipping included.
I have been been enjoying the CD for weeks now.
As I would be if an OKOM concert I attended that I felt was outstanding made a similar offer.
I had to wait weeks for the Borromeo CD, which was was OK with me.
Is instant gratification (availability immediatey after the performance) all that important? For 
me,  the answer is NO. I just wanted a high-quality recording of the wonderful performance I 
had attended, and was delighted to learn that one could be purchased. But I don't know 
about how important this (same-day availability) is to other OKOM fans. Will same-day 
availabitlity make a dramatic difference in sales of performance CDs?
The comments from other DJMLers suggest that it is worth delaying, and editing, 
performance recordings.  The idea of playing the same program at a number of venues and 
editing in the best performances to sell at future performances makes sense to me.
Larry (for the first time in over 45 years, sitting in with various groups who are desperate for a 
substitute OKOM pianner player, and having the time of my life) Swain

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