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> >I once heard an Italian Rock-Indie band - Giuseppe's Carbonaro
> >Syncopatorios - play a tango version of this tune which they called 
> "Ravel's
> >Spag Bolero".  At the final key-change climax a large bowl of steaming
> >spaghetti was emptied into the bell of the sousaphone just as the
> >unfortunate player hit his "High Society" clarinet solo quote. The things
> >some bands do for money (take note of this Barbone and Wiggins - it could 
> be
> >a winner for you!)
Ahhh!   this one slipped past me this a.m. guys, I was trying to deal with 
too many emails at the same time, and accidently deleted the original of this 
from our Good buddy John.

Was tied up off list chatting with Stan Brager about inventing a new Hot Jazz 
Barbeque Sauce to include with all my Hot Jazz CD sales  as a package deal.   
You know kind of like Paul Newman's Pasta Sauces and Salad dressings.

I am working on the formula now and trying to make it compatible as a 
trombone slide and valve oil combination as side uses.

We figured the sales would make up the slack for missed income when not on 
tour and keep the name of the band in front of the people at supermarkets, bar b 
ques, etc.

Works well for Newman,  and Jimmy Dean, and a few others.


Tom Wiggins

Always trying to find a new way to make a Buck  ( No ANY way to make a Buck)

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