[Dixielandjazz] LA Area Jazz Meet 7/11/04

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Thu Jul 8 21:26:21 PDT 2004

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> The feature attraction is the wonderful Coyote Hills Jazz Band with  Warren 
> Hildebrand.  Come and enjoy this lucky 7/11 day.   Guest musicians perform 
> the other sets. 

That's wonderful, but I'll bet those Guest Musicians would appreciate having 
their names listed as well so that they might get some compensation and 
promotion for their contributions to the organization.

If you have generous musicians donating their time to your society and 
organization to help make it a successful event, the least you could and should do 
is to mention their names and Spell them correctly so that some othe 
organization might actually start to recognize them and might even pay them for being a 
GUEST musician.

Any Musician is only as Good a His or her last Gig,   we are all supposed to 
be working together for the good of OKOM and our respective interests, it is 
high time the societies and promoters and musicians start to understand the 
little things that make a world of difference to both sides of the proposition.


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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