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Tue Jul 6 18:02:18 PDT 2004

Dear Southern Jazz,

I wrote to  you guys earlier, concerning my jazz badn that I formed.   

It's a 7 piece jazz band featuring  2 Alto Saxes, 1 Tenor Sax, 2 Trumpets, 1 
Trombone (me), and one drummer.   Occassionally with our  Tenor Saxophonist on 
the Bass, and one of our Altos  on the piano.

Our name is Main  Street Seven.  We are having our first gig on July 10th.  
We are  playing a Birthday Party.  We are playing various songs, such as:
Happy  Birthday (Main Street 7 style)
Autumn Leaves
Shuffle-Time (Solos: Alto,  Trumpet, Trombone)
Watermelon Man (Solos: Tenor Sax, Piano,  Trombone)
Moonglow (Alto Saxophone feature)
Jammin' With Charlie (Solo:  Alto)
Last Dance (Ballad)
Uncle Milo's Side Show (Solo: Trombone *over C  Dorian)
Misty (Alto Feature)
25 or 6 to 4 (Solos: Alto, Alto,  Tenor)

And we are mixing a Blues Jam in there somewhere.

We are  playing for a rate of $50 per hour.  This was the first rate that was 
 offered to us by the employer.  This will be our first  payed  gig.

We played in a free show back in April and it was a great  success.  We 
played two show, a morning and a night show.

We are  planing on playing a free public show in August.  I talked to my 
township  office and booked the towns Band Stand in the Park. 

Do you have any  suggestions or tips for our gig?

Shane G.  Baker
Main Street Seven Jazz  Band

P.S. I look  forward to your response

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