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> Just read the Mississippi Rag review of the Atlanta Jazz Party (by John
> Bittner) Stunning!!  Wow!! I am having a difficult time understanding
> how that fan who wrote the negative letter to the American Rag did not
> find the AJP appealing.

I can only surmize that perhaps the two Atlanta Jazz Party articles in this 
topic from two different publications actually were written about two different 
 Parties,  Apparently the Miss. Rag, folks went to the correct one.

Since I have not read the articles first hand I have no idea why they would 
be so different with a great lineup of great musicians like those guys, how 
could it possibly be a BAD festival or event.   Naw somebody stayed home 
listening to Banjo records and didn't go to the Festival at all, or maybe sent their 
heavy metal grandson to review the event for them.

What ever the reason that article was published for, it served no purpose to 
the cause of perpetuating  or even reviewing good music OKOM or anything else 
other than the ego of the writer.   Obviously that Fan who wrote the letter 
was at the wrong event and is not a fan of OKOM.   All one has to do is read the 
advance schedule of artists to appear, and if you don't like who is on the 
Bill for heavens sake don't go, Go see somebody you do like, or sit home alone 
and play your record collection of "Favorite all time Washboard melodies" and 
dream about the good old days. :))

Atlanta is a Big city with lots of musical activities for every taste, simply 
go find what you want or better yet put your money where your mouth is and go 
hire the acts you want to see and promote your own event.

What ever happened to the old adage of "If you can't say something nice, Say 
Nothing at All"?



Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band
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