[Dixielandjazz] Atlanta Jazz Party - Redux

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 6 14:45:35 PDT 2004

Just read the Mississippi Rag review of the Atlanta Jazz Party (by John
Bittner) Stunning!!  Wow!! I am having a difficult time understanding
how that fan who wrote the negative letter to the American Rag did not
find the AJP appealing.

If you get Mississippi Rag, by all means check out the review. If you
don't get Mississippi Rag, why the hell not?

My response to that American Rag letter will be in their August issue
along with various comments from Tom Wiggins and Nancy Giffin.

AJP had cornetists Ed Polcer & Bob Schultz, trombonists Dan Barrett and
Bob Havens, Reedmen Ken Peplowski, Allan Vache Evan Christopher and Bob
Wilber, pianists Keith Ingham, Johnny Varro and Mark Shane, Bassists,
Phil Flanigan, Frank Tate and Vince Giordano, guitarists Bucky
Pizzarelli and Howard Alden, drummers Hal Smith and Ed Metz Jr,
vibraphonist John Coccuzzi, and big band vocalist Lynn Roberts who
attracted Tommy Dorsey Jr. to the audience from far away Colorado. (she
sang with his dad & uncle's orchestra before they broke up).



Steve Barbone

PS. To Bob Wilber and Phil Flanigan. Sorry I misspelled your names
before. I was so mad I couldn't see straight.

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