[Dixielandjazz] Bei Meir Bist Du Schoen

Schnabbels at aol.com Schnabbels at aol.com
Tue Jul 6 03:03:07 PDT 2004

I'll have to admit that I was dumbfounded when the original post regarding 
"Bei Meir (sic) bist (sic) schoen" appeared on the list. What is the question, 
what is the issue here?

What is the shocking part here? Are you shocked when someone requests "When 
Irish eyes are smiling"? "O Sole Mio"? "Edelweisz"? etc. etc..

I just don't get it. Thankfully, Stan Brager provided you with the provenance 
of the tune which I have played for more than 40 years.

Please be less obtuse if you wish to raise an issue, wether it is ligitimate 
or not.

Rob van der Plas
Scottsdale, AZ

P:S: A "Schnabbel" is the Jiddish equivalent of "Gig". It is commonly used 
among Dutch musicians,

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