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Tue Jul 6 01:29:57 PDT 2004

Yes, Steve, a Classic that makes it all worthwhile, if there is ever a 
question of why we do this thing called music.

Makes no difference if it is one of us or Was Frank Sinatra, Or Any other 
great legendary star, these are the moments that we all cherish forever.

A few years ago I had one of those in San Sebastian Spain, we were dong a 
Parade show and there was a very curioius little boy about five years old who was 
fascinated with the Bass drum, and kept running up to it trying to hit it.   
I turned around and picked him up and sat him on top of it and handed him a 
beater, he banged on the left side while the Bass Drummer played the right side 
and balanced him on the drum all the way to the end of the Parade.

The kid and his parents were back for every show for six days, fortunately I 
got pictures of him and the last day we played I saw him and his parents 
standing up on the shore when we were about to go on a Ferry boat excursion around 
the bay and harbor for our final show.

I held the boat and ran up to the shore to invite his family to go on the 
boat with us, and his mother kept telling me No pesetas,  No money we canno't 
afford to pay the boat.

I took them all by the hand and led them onto the boat and took the kid to 
the bass drum and sat him on the top of it again, put a band shirt on him and 
the crowd lining the launching area cheered as we rode off into the bay with the 
kid pounding on the drum.

we had a boat load of newpaper and Television camera folks as well covering 
the show for the festival, Do you think for one minute the boat ownere asked 
for any money, not only did he not do that he bought all the drinks the band 
wanted and drinks for the family as well.

We got a standing ovation from the crowd lining the docks when we left and 
again when we came back an hour and  a half later.   The kid was signing 
autographs all along the dock back to the city, and I gave his mother the package of 
photos I had had developed of the week.

Of course our photo with the kid was on the Front page of all the newspapers 
the next morning along with the name of the Boat.  Everyone won while having 
one of those magic moments.

This folks is why most of us don't ever quit, we just sit down and go to 
sleep on the stage, or sleep through our solo and don't wake up, "While the Band 
Plays On"


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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