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>>A magic moment

Great story, Steve!

Pat C.
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> Had a magic moment at a gig tonight in West Chester PA. We were on Gay
> Street for "Swinging Thursday Nights Out". 4 blocks shut down for a
> summertime stroll for all ages. Lots of kids, we had the full Dixieland
> Band there.
> Saw some young girls who had sung with us a time or two and invited each
> to do a number. Then, an 80 year old man came up to sing "Where or When"
> (if we knew it, ha, of course we know it) Then back to Dixieland and
> telling the large crowd how much we enjoy working with kids and old men
> etc.. Then break time.
> I'm turned around, sitting on my stool, chatting with guitarist as he is
> getting ready to unplug and I feel a tap on my leg. Look around it is a
> very small girl, 4 or 5, no parent visible. She says are you the
> director of music for this band? (after I leaned over had her repeat it
> a few times so I could understand her)
> Yes say I.
> Could you have them play Raindrops and Roses?
> Hmmm, I don't think I know that. How does it go?
> She sings: "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" etc., in a very
> clear, melodic voice and I now realize she is singing "My Favorite
> Things". Guitar hears it also and starts to back her, still plugged in.
> Everyone else was off the stand, but bass player comes back and plays
> along as she sings it strongly. I get microphone and hand it to her and
> she sings the entire song, clearly and the audience is enthralled.
> Drummer comes back on stand and we then do an instrumental chorus,
> before I cue her to sing it again.
> Well, we loved it, the audience gave her a huge round of cheers, and
> whistles. Her parents then came over and thanked us. They said she asked
> them if she could sing with the band like those other people and they
> said, why not go up and ask. So she did. Never sang in public before,
> but she did a pretty good job.
> A magic moment.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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