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will connelly willc at highstream.net
Sun Jul 4 16:42:32 PDT 2004

Many years ago I was music director of the New Orleans Jazz Club of
California )the one Bill Bacin started) and one Sunday afternoon a friendly
sort of guy approached and asked if he could be included on a set. A little
questioning revealed that he was just visiting, that he hailed from Boston
and that yes, he played with a band there.

"I'm a priest," he said, "and the band is the Friar House Five Plus Two."

Well of course we got him on a set!
Will Connelly

"Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon" wrote:

> Thanks to Misters Haesler, Smith, Robertson, etc, for the Welcomes back!
> So, what did I re-emerge with, other than a black shirt and collar?  The
> firm, unshakeable conviction that one should NEVER UNSUBSCRIBE during an
> absence!  Most of you knew this already, but having had a steady stream
> of DJML since May 1995, I'd never encountered the issue.  Misters
> Ringwald and Haupt are gems of Administrative Helpfulness, but to avoid
> any and all Re-subscription Woes, master Vacation Hold, period!
> If jazz bands ever begin merely with a name and nothing else, the
> following strikes me as do-able:  "Fr Mike's 'Church-rent Party'
> Revellers."  Only drawback:  it would have to be a perfectly volunteer
> band.  So much for [good] ideas, eh?!
> Blessings!,
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> Etc,
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