[Dixielandjazz] Rare European durium recordings (English version)

Hans Koert koerthchkz at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Feb 29 09:26:22 PST 2004

The 52 weeks project of Splogman's world brings you every week rare sound
recordings. This week I can let you hear some never heard European card
board durium recordings from my collection. Enjoy a Dutch promo recording, a
Swedish Veckans skiva (v.s. means weekly record), a French musette on a card
board Sefono and for the first time one of the recordings of the recent
discovered  early Mantovani records made for durium in Slough (near London)
in 1933. So, enough stuff for the serious record collector. Enjoy it !!

Splogman's World:  European durium downloads.
Enjoy it: http://www.meneerjan.schoolreference.com/52.10.eng.html

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

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