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Heavens! Johnny Keating.

This is a name from the past (1950s) in UK.
I attended the Johnny Keating school of music for some jazz piano lesson
around 1959/1960 when they opened up their jazz school in Coburn Place at
the East End of Princes Street in Edinburgh.  He and his brother (Eric I
think) came up from London to get this off the ground but they were
unfortunately closed down shortly afterwards by the police for supposed
dealing in drugs.  [Like they did with our Stud Club and resident Edinburgh
Climax Jazz Band (before Keith Smith and the Canadian Climax) for running an
"unruly house" not long afterwards]  He was a music arranger as well.

What I liked about him was that he recorded you and played it back using
teaching methods with your ear and did not seem to care much about good
sight reading.  This idea of feedback recording, I believe was advanced for
its day.  I also recall that he had a rubber stamp with an octave piano
scale on it marking the chords with a cross on the appropriate white and
black notes.  It was a very primitive but effective for those who do not
read music.

Tom (not so good on the sight reading) Wood

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>     This may qualify as OKOM, but certainly not as Dixie or
> Trad. Yet I found it interesting and if you like it the mp3 files
> are downloadable by doing a right click on the titles and
> either save or open.
> http://www.milwaukeejohn.com/featuredalbum.html
> Johnny Keating Kombo - "Percussive Moods"
> Different and fun.
> Craig
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