[Dixielandjazz] What Horn Did Bix Play??

Don Ingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Sun Feb 22 17:07:38 PST 2004

Bix played the Victor Conn Cornet, but later, when with Whiteman, he went to
he Bach shop in NY and had the old man, Vincent, make him two strads. one
was owned by a Bixophile and he brought it to the Bix Birthday Bash in
Mundelein, IL when I was there with the Sons of Bix. Randy Reinhardt and I
both played the horn, the one engraved with hsi name. Randy played most of a
set and then suddenly handed it over to me to take the lead on Da Da Strain
at the last minute. I scrambled to get my trombone chops make down small
enough for the  7-C cup while he grabbed my valve bone and took the rrombone
line. Fortuantely, a tape was running and I have a copy it -- playing Bix'
horn. Nice link, since my dad had worked with him with the Goldkette band,
so it was sort of a full circle thing.
Incidently, Randy Reinhardt is one of the finer players on cornet that I
know, and a nice lad to boot.
Pleasure to work with as I did several times, and no slouch on the trombone,
I understand that the man who had the Bix horn finally sold it. Have no idea
of where it is --- or where the other  Bach cornet he had made now resides.
For the record, I play a Victor cornet, big fat .484 bore model -- a Victor
was my first horn and another is my last horn. At my age I am not buying any
new ones.
Don Ingle

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> Hi Daniel!
> I played a Bach Strad cornet at Best Instrument Repair in Oakland that had
> belonged to Bix...in fact, it had "BIX" engraved on the bell. But...he DID
> play a Conn Victor cornet too. Like many cornet/trumpet players, I believe
> he switched back and forth whenever the mood struck him.
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> > We are in a heated agument here, and solicit the services of an onformed
> adjudicator from this list.  I had heard a Conn Wonder....
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