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david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Sat Feb 21 13:36:01 PST 2004

The only Anachronic JB LP that I have is self titled - all liner notes 
are in French so I am guessing a bit.
(Open Stereo OP 02 OMD 516) maybe recorded on 15 - 20 April, 1976
and lists the following songs:

Yardbird Suite (3:04) a
'round About Midnight (7:36) b
Anthropology (2:54) e
Blue Monk (3:41) c
Tin Tin Deo (3:39) d
Jordu (3:49) e
Pent Up House (2:10) e
Bernie's Tune (3:25) f
Move (3:25) f

a: M. Richard (cl) G. Ericksson (pipeau) P. Baudin (p) P. Diaz (bjo) G. 
Gervois (bbs)
b: P. Artero (tp) Cl. Gousset (tb) M. Richard (cl & ss) G. Ericksson 
(as) A. Villeger (ts) P. Baudin (p) P. Diaz (bjo) G. Gervois (bbs)  B. 
Laye (dms)  D. Huck (voc on 'Round Midnight)
c: P. Artero (tp) D. barda (tb) M. Richard (cl) P. Baudin (p) P. Diaz 
(bjo) G. Gervois (bbs) B. Laye (dms)
d: same as c plus  G. Ericksson (as) A. Villeger (ts & bs)  Irakli (tp)
e: P. Baudin (piano solo)
f: same as c plus  G. Ericksson (cl & as) A. Villeger (ts & cl)

Gravure, SYSMO Records - Ingenieur: Jean Hulot - Maquette et mise en 
page: Studio 19
Pressage: Classique Pathe Marconi Producteur: Alain Gerrini
Distribution exclusive: OMD 55 rue de Clignancourt 75018 Paris

I do not remember where I got this album - it was imported by Rick 
Ballard in Berkeley Ca ages ago. I agree with Brian about the quality 
and fun of this group - when I play it on my show I often get calls and 
e-mail about it.

Now who knows more about another, earlier French, Swiss  or maybe 
Belgian band: Dieuzy's Dixieland Band? I have a Joker LP called 
Dixieland Special, somebody has re-issued it on CD but there is no 
information at all! Probably from the early 1960s... Dixieland Special, 
Apex, Paris Honky Tonk, Basin St., Dixieland Onestep, Ol' Man River, 
St. Louis Blues, Tiger Rag, Shine, Ain't She Sweet, Creole Love Call 
and Royal Garden Blues


Dave Richoux

On Feb 21, 2004, at 9:47 AM, Brian Towers wrote:

> I Have the Anachronic Jazz Band LP Volume II.  The label is "OPEN" and 
> the
> number is Stereo OP 09
> recorded in 1977 and 1978.  It is a French label - I bought it in 
> Paris.
> Distributed by  Musica Distribution, 30, rue Huguerie, 33000 Bordeaux 
> tel
> (56) 48.97.79.  It is a long time ago however!
>  The only track from the items listed below is "I Hope Gabriel Likes My
> Music".  I also have another LP on cassette.
> What terrific jazz it is too!    It just goes to show that, with a 
> little
> intelligent application, even those turgid "bebop"  war-horses can be 
> turned
> into jazz and set one's foot tapping..   Wonderful musicians all.
> Cheers,
> Brian Towers
> Hans Koert wrote:
> Thanks to Gerard Biederman "discographical archives" I could find 
> nearly all
> items of my Anachronic Jazz Band collection except some live 
> recordings.
> Maybe they belong to one LP or to different sessions. Because some 
> titles
> were part of their regular repertoire
> I have listed them here with the duration and a possible recording 
> place and
> date.
> Does someone recognizes this list of titles belonging to an Anachronic 
> Jazz
> Band LP? What is the catalogue number and what are the recording dates?
> my pet (4:30) ( ?Dingolfing 18-Oct 1978) (?Calig 30622)
> blue monk (4:09) (?)
> tin tin deo (4:03) ( ?Dingolfing 18-Oct 1978) (?Calig 30622)
> round midnight (7:40) (?)
> yardbird suite (3:05) (?)
> jordu (4:17) (?)
> bernie's tune (3:37) ( ?Dingolfing 18-Oct 1978) (?Calig 30622)
> i hope gabriel likes my music (5:14) ( ?Dingolfing 18-Oct 1978) (?Calig
> 30622)

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