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This may bore you but here we go.
I was a volunteer for a computer club at Javits Center in NY.
Huge show P.C. Expo.  I always brought my computer and
handed out copies of our newsletter to passers by.
This perticular year I had started getting into midi. I wanted
to play songs at the expo.
I called and wrote to ASCAP asking for a license.
They had a form that allowed me to play at 6 or 8 shows for a fee
of $100.00. All well and good. I sent in the form with a check.

My money was returned with a notice that it had to filed by the show producer.
They asked for 7% of the gate. (Tickets ran from $35 to $75 a day) Perhaps
50,000 people attended each day for a week.

I repeated the same routine with BMI. Same results.
The show:
The show producer of course refused. -Some of the big companies played
mp3's all day.

I started by playing p.d. midis. (clasical, Stephen Foster et al) All my own work.
After a while I decided to play other tunes (ASCAP and BMI) licensed.
Nobody said a word. I did this for one solid week - 10 hours each day.

Sent a letter to both organizations (I am a member of both).
"Shame on you guys." I told them what I did and added "you lost, the composers lost and so did I.

Never heard form them with respect to this matter.

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