[Dixielandjazz] PayPal

Beth Villanyi bethv at portafortuna.com
Wed Feb 18 12:13:08 PST 2004

Ditto to what everyone else said, plus, NEVER open an .scr attachment from
someone you don't know who told you otherwise that it was coming. These can
contain executable code and likely contain viruses, in addition to trying to
get your account information.


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> I've now had two emails purporting to come from PayPal.com informing me
> my account will be closed in five days unless I register again using the
> attachment which came with the messages (the file extension is .scr).
> My suspicions are aroused - is this an inducement to open the attachment
> which might have horrendous consequences or are the messages genuine?
> know?
> John Farrell
> http://homepages.tesco.net/~stridepiano/midifiles.htm

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