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Further on Norah Jones:

For those who may not know or care who she is.

Norah Jones is the daughter of 83 year old Indian Sitarist Legend  Ravi 

the following is borrowed politely from an article about her in Time 
Magazine, Feb. 9th issue, page 65.

 Soon after her great success and winning five Grammy's from selling 8 
million copies of her first album "Come Away With Me," and while nobody could find a 
reason not to like her, turned out to be reason enough to not like her.  In 
true form of Jazz musos, the day after she won the Grammy's the hottest drive 
time deejays started calling her "Snorah" Jones and wondered why there was such 
a loud buzz over such soft music.

Her success was the rare intersection of ubiquity and quality; which sold to 
REAL music fans.    

It is however very disheartening to read her take on her success in the 
article, now that she is a mega star recording artist who indeed grabbed the golden 
ring.  Now she has enough control over her recordings to do it her way and 
prevent such success again in the future.

Instead of using her new success and financial freedom to further Jazz in the 
industry, she now wants apparently to become an ARTISTE' and live the boho 
musician's life she has always wanted to live.  It is indeed so much easier to 
live that low keyed lifestyle once you have a few million dollars in the bank 
to support it.

It kind of reminds me of the Rich kid Hippies that came to San Francisco from 
the East in the 60's to wear torn levis and tie dye shirts, buy a guitar and 
do lots of drugs and hang out in Golden Gate Park all day and night looking 
for Free love.

Norah's Father Ravi Shankar, used to play a lot of concerts in the Park for 
those folks who made him a legendary Sitar player before most of them had ever 
even heard a Sitar.

Now Ms. Jones is even saying that her first album was "too mellow" and "too 
cool" so she wants to get back into the good graces of the jazz musos by 
denouncing her success so she can still be a starving artist in Brooklyn, or at 
least pretend to be one.  Forget that her struggling little record label Blue Note 
bet their entire bankroll on her album to try and make her a success, and had 
to make an upwards deal with it to Virgin records to handle the success of 
the sales and distribution and promotion.

Ah the American Dream just ain't what it used to be.

Some folks claim to believe in the power of Prayer, and most musicians I have 
ever known have a prayer for a hit record on the top of their list, just be 
sure you really want that when you ask for it, it might actually happen one 

Check out the article it is a fascinating read on how many Jazz musicians 

Now where did I put those Beads, it's party time in New Orleans.


Tom Wiggins

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