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Mon Feb 16 22:08:15 PST 2004

Hi Folks :

I replied off list to John Farrel about this translation and just recieved 
this response off list from Tito in Brazil where they speak Portugese.

I told John Farrell  that I thought it meant "More than Anything"

I also had the pleasure of working alongside and in front of Tito Puente a 
few times an dit was a thrill, and yes his rhythm section was always awesome.  
Last time I was able to share a show with him was in 1997 in San Sebastian, 
Spain's Jazz Festival,  Great event and wonderful city to visit.  O could live 
like that. !

Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriels' Celestial Brass Band


Your translator is right, because the meaning of Mais que Nada it’s indeed 
More than Anything. 

“Plus que Rien” it’s French, and has the same meaning as Mais que Nada: 
exactly “More than Anything”.

Portuguese it’s a strange idiom especially in its daily popular usage; people 
in the streets have some screwed ways to say some simple evident things.

For example, to say “Thank you” we say: “Obrigado” that’s short for “I am 
obliged to retribute your kindness”. 

 Educated people answer with: “De nada!” short for “Você não está obrigado 
de nada”,  meaning: “You don’t have to feel obliged, because what I have done 
is nothing!” 


Gee, don’t twist my mind with such unsafely philosophic enquiries, better go 
have a beer or piss at the next tree…   J   (It’s raining here too) 


philological cheers from your non-Portuguese friend


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