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Tony Orr torr at alphalink.com.au
Mon Feb 16 22:50:35 PST 2004


When it comes to basic editing of various format sound files on a PC or 
Mac, there is a free program available for download at the above URL 
called Audacity 1.0.0. I have tried Cool Edit, Wavelab etc but, Audacity 
is a simpler tool for all but the more complex sound engineering 
requirements. I am not worried about filtering surface noise to the 
detriment of the recorded sound although Audacity has functions for 
this. It is easy to remove the obvious clicks, separate LP tracks, 
raise/lower volume, fade in/out etc. Edited tracks can be exported as 
WAV or MP3 files.

It is true that some CD burners require blank CD audio disks but, I have 
one which records on CD-R data disks as well as CD-RW. CD-RW is the way 
to go as mistakes can be erased at the burning stage. The disk can be 
erased after ripping the tracks to the PC or copying to audio CD. DVD 
recorders with built-in hard drives are the next thing.


Tony Orr

Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com wrote:

>Marty Nichols asks :-
>>Can some of you that burn cds on your computers enlighten me as to 
>>whether there are advantages with that over simply burning on my JVC
>>CD Recorder?
>One difference is that most CD recorders will only record on "Audio"
>CDs. These are identical to data CDs (apart from a special identify
>code so the CD recorder knows) except you have to pay more for them
>because they give some money to the record industry to cover their
>loss of income due to CD copying. This of course is a big joke
>and a real scam by the record producers.
>So what I do is use a re-writable audio CD to record an LP, then
>use my computer to transfer this to a standard data CD. I can then
>wipe the original and start again.
>Going via the computer also gives you the option to chop up the
>tracks, do any cleaning etc. as has already been mentioned.
>Andy Ling
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