[Dixielandjazz] Banu does POPs concert in Pensacola

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Sun Feb 15 14:15:46 PST 2004


Banu Gibson did a wonderful POPs concert with the Pensacola Symphony
Orchestra last night.  It was a Valentine's Day event.  Interesting--
audience is different from the usual symphonic audience  Her ensemble did
the set after intermission.  Before intermission, symphony played light,
semi-jazzy stuff.  Then Banu came out.  She was accompnied by David
Boedinghaus ( spelling?), her long-time pianist and musical director; Tom
Fischer, reeds; Duke Heitger, trumpet, David Sager, trombone; the bassist
was Gary (?) Lewis-- not sure about the first name;  drummer was familiar
looking but I didn't catch his name when she announced it.  It was vintage
Banu-- she sang, interacted with the audience and played tenor guitar.
About half the numbers were done with her band alone. Each of the band
members was appropriately featured. Other half her group was accompanied by
the Symphony. She got a standing ovation, of course, and was called back for
an encore. In all a delightful evening.

Tom Fischer had been in Pensacola a couple of weeks before with Ed Polcer's
traveling ensemble.  Allen Vache' had a committment to be elsewhere the
night they played here.  Tom did a wonderful job that night, too.

Norman Vickers

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