[Dixielandjazz] Sources for the older Songs for OKOM

Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 11 13:30:38 PST 2004

I understand why it is nice to have a few more familiar tunes for the
generation that thinks Willie Nelson wrote "Ain't Misbehavin'" and
"I'm Gonna Sit RIght Down". or to play off of Leon Redbone's recent
familiarity to the same age group (though I found most of Leon's tunes
in the Anderson fake book mentioned below. )

However, most folks in this group will not have time to exhaust the
great tunes, no longer played and still not often played by your average
jazz band -- as can be found in the references below and on
When you mentioned "the book...."
I thought of the "Anderson Fake 'BOOK?'" too,
but 3" thick, Steve? At 4900 pages it's more like a suitcase full.
And it is now up to over 6000 pages rather than the 4900 I have.

Comes out to around 9000 tunes as some are partial pages
 Plus a set of lyric and verse version around number
starting at 10000. It's over $500 now. Available now from
Jim Jones in Palos Verdes -- go to www.andersonfakebook.com

As Steve posted while I was typing this, 6 cents a page ain't bad, but
I will argue that there are still a lot of less obscure tunes which while
not in most fake books are also not in this one.Yet this is a great
although (for me, costly) resource.

Examples of missing tunes that aren't all that obscure:
"Roamin' ", "Mojo Strut", "Hurricane", "Nightmare" although this
is inconsistent as it does include "Brainstorm", "Delirium" and
"Senegalese Stomp", "Merry Makers Twine", "Stampede"  -- not in your
usual Jazz band's  repertoire, but great
tunes. So far I've run into about 50 like these I cannot find.

I wish Charles Anderson had stayed with the teens, 20's and 30's instead
of diverting off to things as late as the 70's which can be found most
anywhere. I hope Jim corrects this.

If you are starting a new band this is probably not for you. Get
one or both of Dave Littlefield's fake books as he has taken
quite a few of these and corrected the chords, and revised them
to more closely reflect the renditions they were transcribed from.
He's been quite meticulous. - and he also has a "chords only"
'book' for banjo.

On the other hand if you need arrangements, got to Ted Shafer
- he has 150 of the Great Pacific Jazz band 7 piece arrangements
(2 cornet)for sale at $10 each full band arrangement.plus the
Robin Wetterau arrangements. (Who wrote "Chelsea On Down.")
Particularly useful if you like the King OliverLu Watters style of band.
PLUS, Ted has CDs of his "Jelly Roll Jazz Band" playing many of these
I'm sure there are other places, but these are 2 good places to start.
Shortly, I am going to compare the Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book
with what Dave Littlefield has, (they are similar style/formats)

I'll end up with a list of the differences. I was looking for the FH
but may have found that I don't need both.
Ted can be reached best by phone
Craig Johnson

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