[Dixielandjazz] Songs for OKOM

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 11 10:32:29 PST 2004

Can't think of who compiled it at the moment, (maybe some list mates can
help) but there is a "Fake Book" out there of some 5000 pages/songs for
OKOM. The guy who got it together is now deceased, however the book is
available for those looking for material. Used to be able to get it for
the cost of copying it, still expensive. Not sure what the price is now.

However, it has virtually every song in OKOM that anybody plays plus
quite a few others that are suitable. Frank Mesich who is subbing on
trombone with Tex's Red Lions next week found every tune we are doing in
it so he could practice. Including, for example,  "Hey Mister, Have You
Met Rosie's Sister?"

Somebody on the list must have a copy.

The last time I saw it, it was four hard cover, three ring binder,
books. Each about 3 inches thick. Includes lead sheets, chords, lyrics,
verses, chorus, routine, many from original sheet music.

If you are a serious "collector/player" of OKOM tunes, this is the book
for you.

Steve Barbone

PS. If you can't come up with a source, I'll ask Tex Wyndham next week.
He has a copy.

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