[Dixielandjazz] Jazz amongst the gum trees.

Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Tue Feb 10 10:14:13 PST 2004


You describe a scene that makes anyone listening extremely envious and
wishing that they were there with you.

Hope that you have a good time and that the experience is every thing 
that you anticipate.

Len Nielsen
Victoria Canada

Sam Meerkin/Evelyne Perks wrote:
> Tomorrow, I will join many others who love OKOM in our part of the world, at a town between the state capitals of Adelaide & Melbourne, in a most beautiful natural setting of eucalyptus trees, mountains and teeming wildlife used to cohabiting with humans.  This is the Grampians Jazz Festival in Hall's Gap.  Koalas munch leaves in the trees in the main street of town,  screeching cockatoos, parrots, correllas and other amazing native birds swoop in & out of the vegetation & Kangaroos & possums come right up to you at dusk & beyond, showing no fear at all.  It's a breathtaking scene with 
> thousands of fans in 6 or more venues within a short walk of each other and everyone is there to have fun - musos included.  This phenomenon may be unique to our part of the world, because bands do not get paid.  It's a sort of a holiday, with each attending muso getting a grant of $120 or so for the weekend to defray costs, a few drink coupons & reduced entry cost for his/her partner.  It succeeds because musos from all over who may only see each other occasionally get to jam together.  Many of them are not just amateurs either.  A few bands have even been formed here and have gone on to great acclaim elsewhere.  The event is run by Rotary, I think, & the funds raised help worthy causes in the town & surrounding countryside.  This type of festival is common in Oz, and contributes to making our OKOM community one big happy family.  We have friends from all walks of life, far & wide, who share a common love of OKOM. 
> Maybe we'll one day have the pleasure of jazz lovers from the other side of the world coming to sample the good life we have here.  It's sooooo nice. I'll be back in a week to hear about all of you Northern hemisphere dwellers freezing your assets off.
> Best wishes,
>  Sam Meerkin
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