[Dixielandjazz] Re: Early Subscribers

BettyLynch at aol.com BettyLynch at aol.com
Mon Feb 9 20:44:43 PST 2004

Yes, we were among the first.  In a Spring (May?) issue of The West Coast 
(now American) Rag, there was a short, one paragraph article about Peter's start 
of the DJML.  We responded immediately;  the wrong address was given in the 
article, but Peter got it, and very kindly responded, and signed us up.  We have 
been on continuously since, except for the great eviction, when it took a 
week to find out what happened and resubscribe.  Yes, there have been arguments, 
people leaving, hackers using foul language to attack everybody, even bona 
fide musicians that got pretty nasty, but we just go on (not forever, at least 
we're not planning on it {:-).
We've met St. Peter (think we coined the term, and face to face) several 
times at festivals; a fine gentleman.  We traded partners once on the dance floor 
(Santa Rosa, we think), so Betty has danced with the man.  Both of us are in 
the picture Bob Romans mentioned, taken at a F2F at Santa Rosa;  Gene is in a 
bright yellow DJML shirt by Karen Quick (Theres Jazz in Your Mailbox) behind 
Peter's left shoulder, and Betty is behind Gene's right shoulder looking down on 
Peter's head.  Bob Romans is in the picture, as is Ken Keeler, Bert Barr, Don 
Robertson (think his wife took it), Ben Fowlkes, Oz trumpeter Eric Holroyd, 
and others.  Think Don Robertson sent us a JPEG of it, and we used it for the 
final cover of the compilation we made of Peter's condolence messages on the 
BTW, Bonny Otto, the wunnerful pianist with Bob Modest's Wooden nickel, and 
now leader of Sister Swing, made a large bunch of badges.  there had been 
earlier efforts, but Bonny made a bunch, and distributed them.  A badge maker's 
error resulted in her getting beaucoup DLML badges (yes, we have 'em), but the 
error was corrected.  We believe she bequeathed the remainder of her holdings to 
quiet member Dave Bilgray.
Well, if there are any medals involved, sign us up.  This is certainly the 
longest message we have ever sent to the list, although it doesn't hold a candle 
to those of some others, who shall remain nameless {:-).

Gene &Betty Lynch
Redondo Beach, CA

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