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Aad Overeem aad.overeem at wanadoo.nl
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 Hi Craig,

 Thanks for your reply.
 They 'treated' you on 'Jenever' or Dutch Gin.
 'Sauce' in Dutch 'Saus' or 'Jus' that's more something like 'Gravy'
 We have Jenever in many variations like 'Oude (=Old) Jenever' - 'Jonge
 (=Young) Jenever' - 'Korenwijn or Koren Jenever'  Koren= Corn.
 They all taste more or less different. And it's a favorite of elderly
 people, Ooops, I think I'm elderly myself ;-}
 My late Granddad made it himself.
 Jenever certainly is not my favorite, I prefer an Old Scottish Malt Whisky
 or a 'Beerenburg' or 'Schelvispekel' also a traditional Dutch alcoholic


 Aad Overeem (pronounced 'Aahd Overaim')

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> > II'll check out your site.
> >
> > Meanwhile, when I visited the Netherlands
> > eons ago I was "treated"?? to a drink, can't spell it but it sounded
> > phonetically  like Jineever. If I took a French approach to my
> > adjectives could I call it 'Hollandaise "Sauce"' ?
> >
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> > Regards,
> > Craig Johnson
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