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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Feb 5 13:25:23 PST 2004

on 5/2/04 3:54 AM, Craig Johnson at civanj at adelphia.net wrote (in part):

>...and it's Feitlebaum!  That's the way it is spelled on the Spike Jones album
I am looking at.<

Dear Craig and Kurt,
I grew up with the 78 of Spike's "William Tell Overture" (recorded 7 Oct
1947), always convinced that the horse was 'Beedle-bom(b)".
However, many years later, to my surprise when researching/writing notes for
a comedy CD I found, from a Jordan R Young interview with Mr Weaver, that it
was in fact "Feetlebaum".
When the CD came out in 1993 I noted (too late) to my surprise, that the
producer (me mate Bill Armstrong) had added (Beetle Bomb) to the "William
Tell Overture" title!
Professor Feetlebaum was allegedly an early 1940s invention of Winstead
'Doodles' Weaver, as was the "William Tell Overture" racing skit. He took it
into the Jones's band when he joined in about Nov 1946. One of 3 men Spike
needed to replace the irrepressible Red Ingle. He was fired in May 1951 on
tour in Hawaii. 
A letter exists from RCA exec Walter Heeber (who has been claimed to have
suggested the combination of Weaver's skit and the Rossini classic) which
uses the spelling 'Feitlebaum'. This spelling is also used an a 1977 3LP set
I have.
"Beetlebaum' is used on another LP (JRC-1213) in my collection.
1.  'Spike Jones and his City Slickers' (Jordan R Young. Moonstone
2.  'Thank You Music Lovers. A Bio-discography of 'Spike Jones and his City
Slickers, 1941 to 1965' (Compiled by Jack Mirtle.Greenwood Press. 1986).
Very Kind regards,

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