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Ah, what memories.  The Tandy 100 was my first computer.  And I still have
it, along with a Tandy 200.  The 100 was my first exposure to the internet
and I was thrilled by it even then,  in its primitive state.  That was about
1983 I think.  We've come a long way.
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> > Who was the first person to get offended and unsubscribe?
> That could have been me!
> I was also a very early subscriber, but my computer was a Tandy Model 100
> laptop connecting Compu$erve, which was pay by the minute in those days.
> I needed many expensive minutes because the Model 100 had only a 300 baud
> modem and only 32 KILOBYTES OF RAM, only some of which could store
> Back then, my chief complaint was the poor signal-to-noise ratio of DJML
> posts (hmmm...) and the fact that I had to pay for every minute of it. On
> musician's lousy salary. I was gone for about two or three years, coming
> back only after the advent of flat-rate internet and the (then) amazing
> 14400 bps modem.
> Paul Edgerton
> Who thinks that those who aren't informed by history are bound to repeat
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