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Bill and Brian:
No argument on your choices of Bix titles. It is just that each of us hears
things with the particularly personal back ground of emotional response -- 
and the differences are not any reflection on your taste or mine, but merely
that wonderful fact that we are all unique personalities. Better than being
a colony of lemming clones that blindly followsleader into the sea without
stopping to remember that they can't swim.
My choices were merely my personal reaction to the music I've heard and my
own emotional rankings they have for me.
That's the great thing about jazz -- there's room for everyone and no need
to debate about choices.
By the way, Bill, did the downloads of pictures arrive okay at your end. If
not, let me know in a day or two and I will re-post them.
Don Ingle

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> Dear Don and friends,
> I submitted my thoughts on Louis the other day: "Drop That Sack/Georgia Bo
> Bo/Stomp Off, Let's Go/Static Strut".
> Although I agree with all the Bix solos mentioned so far, I am surprised
> that no one has mentioned the hottest (greatest?) of Bix's performances:
> "Goose Pimples".
> Maybe we upside down people in Oz hear things differently.
> 8>)
> Kind regards,
> Bill.

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