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A friend sent me the following information about "Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit":

"In his liner notes for the Nonesuch LP of Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit and La
Creation Du Monde, Edward Tatnall Canby writes that Le Boeuf was evidently
the name of a Brazilian hostelry.  The melody heard at the beginning of the
work and thirteen times during its course is a popular Brazilian tune of
that day (1920s). Canby suggests that the strange title is perhaps distantly
related to the proverbial bull in a china shop. The music was commissioned
for a silent Chaplin film as a running accompaniment. Later on, the title
was adopted by a bar-restaurant in Paris. If you go to the following link
you'll find a description and pictures of the place:


Stan Brager

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Bonjour !

Today is the 'French day' !
As French, I confirm the translations which were given :

"As-tu le cafard ?" : Do you have the blues ?

"Le boeuf sur le toit". "Boeuf" is a French slang word mainly
used by jazzmen, that means "jam session". I believe that, in
English, "jam  session" is used mainly by jazzmen, too. No ?

Anecdote : There was formerly in Dijon (Burgundy), close to the
University, a cafe named "Le boeuf sur le toit" where my buddies
of the jazz band "Les Jazzogenes" often played. The time passed
where the students were going to listen to traditional jazz :(

An attemps for other Bechet's tunes :

Petite Fleur                       Little flower

Les Oignons    The onions

Dans les rues d'Antibes            In Antibes's streets (Antibes
                                    is a town of south of France,
                                    on the famous "Côte d'azur"

Marchand de poisson    Fish seller

Promenade aux Champs Elysées       Ramble on (?) Champs-Elysées
                                    Champs Elysées = the famous
                                    avenue in Paris

Premier bal                    First ball

Si tu vois ma mère                If you see my mother, but the
                                   English title is "Lonesome"

Kind regards.

Mic (mikosax) - From Burgundy (France)
Traditional-Jazz fan
Modest old reedman
Beginner in English language :( (Be lenient, please !)

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