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My two Louis favorites, of many, are Sunday Date, and Two Dueces, the later
one of Lilian's best.
I would also toss in Weatherbird with Hines -- a duet to end all duets for
me. But I best stop now since I am beginning to have other nominees, and
don't want to water down my first two selections.
For Bix -- ah, that is a hard one -- so many for such a short life. I would
have to say his chorus with Goldkette on Clementine for pure flowing improv,
and the felt hat muted solo on Sweet Sue with Whiteman as gentle tastiness
that transends putting into a category. For hot, I would say that Bix's
soaring take off on Ostrich Walk would be my all time favorite Bix ripper!
One man's opinion -- others may have theirs, so no debate's need breakout.
Gee, when it comes to it, you can still learn from dead guys, can't you. I
hear something new each time, and that's the magic of what they did.
Don Ingle
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> Louis' choruses on" Muggles"  provede a good example of "Hot" as
> distiinguited from " improvised", a broader term I believe. Bill Price

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