[Dixielandjazz] Re: Listening to Dead Musicians

john petters jpettjazz at btinternet.com
Sun Feb 1 12:03:33 PST 2004

Bill said
> Wow!!!!
> Just back from our Sunday arvo gig and read your missive to our mate John
> Petters.
> I could (as you know) take issue with you about several statements in your
> post (may do later) but the above stuck out.
> Whenever I get fed up (and wonder) about the jazz path being taken here in
> Oz I put on Lil's Hot Shots (the Louis Hot Five) "Georgia Bo Bo/Drop That
> Sack", Chicago, 26 May 1926.
> The hairs on my neck ALWAYS go up when I play it ( doing so now).
> I doubt it I will EVER get my head around it, and I have been listening to
> both sides since I bought the 78 disc in 1947/48.
> Give over mate.
> I know in my heart/brain that there still is still much to learn from
> dead pioneers.
> Very, very kind regards,
> Bill.
> PS: Go play it now. Then follow up with Eskine Tate's Vendome Orch "Stomp
> Off, Let's Go/Static Strut'.
> Never fails with me.
> We will never ever be that good!
That about sums it all up Bill and it is a credit to you that you have the
humility to admit it
John Petters
Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ

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