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I LIKE IT MIKE, > Awfully tradly, but English rather than Britishly yours,

When talking in a group with Acker Bilk at our STUD CLUB (Edinburgh) in 1959
a New Orleans musician criticised him for "going commercial", rather than
sticking to
New Orleans music, with his "Stranger on the Shore" hit number.
His answer at the time was "I have a wife and kids to feed".
Just got the Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band number out so we
play it at the Sgt. Pepper's Jazz-Club in Enkhuizen, Holland on Sunday 9th
Tom (ex-pat) Wood

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> Steve Barbone wrote:
> >Perhaps if UK trad musos had listened to more Parker, the world would
> >avoided all that "awful British Trad" (only kidding, VBG ;-), not
> >the
> >couple of good bands)
> Steve, you won't of course know this, but the arch-proponent of awful
> British Trad, the late Ken Colyer, listened to Parker (and Condon, and
> Tatum, and a lot more besides) both on records and on his visits to NY as
> seaman in the years just after the war - in fact, he greatly admired Wild
> Bill. Didn't stop him playing the way he did, though. And a great many of
> the awful British Trad players I know, self included, are not violently
> averse to bop (but just don't get me started on Albert Ayler- or Kenny
> Point is, I'd rather spend time talking about (and playing) the music I DO
> like than running down the music I don't.
> Awfully tradly, but English rather than Britishly yours,
> Mike.
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