[Dixielandjazz] Artie Shaw

Thu Dec 30 22:13:08 PST 2004

 In the early '40's  many days after high school we would go downtown to a 
local music store ,where an understanding manager allowed us to listen to 
records in the "booths". I remember listening to Artie the most!!,,,,especially 
"Concerto For The Clarinet" WOW!!!...I had NO problem enjoying Artie AND Benny! 
Well,about 3 years ago in January  at the IAJE in Long Beach I had the thrill of 
a lifetime sitting in a room ,just a few feet away, while Artie held forth 
for over 2 hours with talk and insisting the sound tech get it right so we could 
hear some un-released radio remotes of his band and him performing some of 
his favorite work. I still can't get over the fact that I was listening to Artie 
Shaw with Artie Shaw.....when it was over I shook his hand and thanked him  
for being ...ARTIE SHAW !  al  singer      (  Ask me sometime about how Little 
Jazz was fired and replaced by Hot Lips...one of many stories he told that 

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