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If you have broadband internet access (or even dial up) I strongly recommend 
Live 365 which has countless live streaming radio stations that work fine 
for home listening through your computer.  There are at least 8 24-7 okom 
stations there.  While I subscribe to their reasonably priced 
pennies-per-day VIP service that eliminates pop-up ads and commercials, 
their free service works great too.

Their website is http://www.live365.com/index.live .   I suggest  Dixieland 
Gumbo. Canuckteach Hot Jazz, Swing with Django, Ray Sherman Radio  1 & 2, 
Jazz Piano - Tatum, A Dixieland Special, and Hot Jazz - 1920s Dixie as a 
partial list of OKOM stations on this site.  Additionally, if you dig swing, 
big band, bop and other similiar music styles, there are HUNDREDS of 
intersting stations to listen to.  If you are into old time radio, there's 
dozens of broadcasts of Jack Benny, George and Gracie, Sherlock Holmes.... 
radio stations there.  My wife has it on in our living room about 24-7 at 
this point and she only watches TV with the sound muted so she can read the 
subscript while listening to her favorite programs and music.

There may be many other streaming audio sites on the internet.  I find that 
live365 meets my 24-7 listening demands.  I frequently record music using my 
Cakewalk program and then burn CDs / MP3s for car listening.  Not as easy to 
operate or convenient as satellite radio.  But the price is right whether or 
not you subscribe.  For you dial up guys, they have some 24k stations that 
will likely stream well on most computers.  While fidelity isn't perfect, 
this is a great way to use a computer, especially if you tie it in with a 
good sound system.

This isn't a paid commercial or anything like that.  It's just that if 
you've lost local broadcasters, there's a world of okom to be listened to 
right on your computer.  I encourage you all to tune in and enjoy as I am. 
I welcome your comments

Dick Broadie
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> Charlie Coleman wrote:
>>Listees:    I'm sure this topic has been on - I don't recall - (senior 
>>moment) - but the last radio station in my area that played OKOM has been 
>>sold and the new format is (predictably) smooth rock.    I'm now in 
>>serious withdrawal.   My cd player runs constantly, but I would like to be 
>>able to 'tune in' to a station or stations that have a serious jazz 
>>format.   I'm not at all familiar with sattelite radio, but I do know that 
>>they have a wide selection which includes the generic term "jazz".    I do 
>>visit redhotjazz.com on occasion, but don't want to tie up my phone line 
>>(still on dial-up!!!).    I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions 
>>(other than moving to a different area).    Best wishes for a politically 
>>correct winter solstace, saturna, or ............. WHAT AM I THINKING!!! 
>>Have a Blessed Christmas and a gig for New Years!
>>    Charlie (I have a Christmas Eve gig) Coleman
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> Charlie:  Charlie Carey has a one hour jazz show on the Xavier Univ. 
> station out of Cincinnati, plus they have some big band music hours on 
> weekends that occasionally feature some okom sides. This station has a 
> series of affiliate stations around OH, IN, KY and even MI where I pick it 
> up on a Manistee station. It is called the X-Star Network. You might hunt 
> this one up for I am certain that you should be able to get it somewhere 
> in your neckof the woods.
> Don Ingle
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