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Sure, Bob. Time to get out of your hotel room. ;)
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Holy Guacamole! I sent this out like a week ago!

- Bob

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When I was a moderate dixieland celebrity, I found it difficult to listen to
other bands because people wanted to talk to me. As I make a point of
talking to the audients who approach me, I not only couldn't listen to the
music as closely as I'd wanted, I often found myself being shushed by people
who somehow expect absolute silence even though they're in the back seats
near the bar. 

And of course if you're playing at the festival, you're visible at all
times, so you have to be on your best behavior, if not "on."

Often to get a break I would hole up in my motel room between sets.

I'm sure this explains some of what you're seeing.

- Bob Williams
The World's Most Modest Man
No, Really

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