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Wed Dec 22 13:08:55 PST 2004

Following up on Pat Ladd’s posting about lyrics to enhance The Sheik of 
Araby, I have to offer this version done by the Jim Kweskin Jug Band on an 
incredible 1967 album called Garden of Joy.  I don't know who wrote the 
additional lyrics, but I’ve never heard a cooler version of the tune.

[NOTE:  The indented lyrics are sung in the background by a second voice.  
On Garden of Joy, Kweskin sang the lead and Maria Muldaur was the second 

I'm the Sheik of Araby.
     He's the Sheik of Araby, A very talented fella.
Your love belongs to me.
     He plays piano in any key. You should hear him with the Dardenella.
At night while you're asleep,
     His crescendo is tremendo. What a tune he can blow on a jug.
Into your tent I'll creep.
     His obligato is sweet and hot-o. Oh my, he even does the bunny hug.
Oh, the stars that shine above
     He knows the latest ragtime songs. He plays Sheherezad-ee.
Will light our way to love.
     And that is why my heart belongs, My heart belongs to Baghdad Daddy.
You'll rule this land with me,
     Vo doedly-o doe, Vo doedly-o dee.
'Cause I'm the Sheik of Araby!
     Sheik of Araby!

Smith, Snyder & Wheeler, from TIN PAN ALLEY (1940)
on Kweskin: GARDEN OF JOY

I found this posted on a website devoted to jug bands:

Ed Danielson

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