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I used to have a LP by this band.  They are great!

--Bob Ringwald
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The following is listed at the Musicmatch web site. I have not searched 
further, but plan to as
my interest has been piqued.

Craig Johnson

The idea for this French group is so logical that it is surprising that it 
was not done previously. The trad jazz nonet (which includes four horns
 and a five-piece rhythm section with sousaphone and string bass) performed 
the melodies and sometimes the chord structures of bop tunes
 to hilarious effect, making the 1940s and '50s modern tunes sound as if 
they were being performed in 1928. They recorded two albums for
 the French Open label and one for the German Calig company, playing unique 
renditions of such unlikely tunes as "Yardbird Suite," "Pent Up House,
" "Move," "Joy Spring" and even "Giant Steps." Before their eventual breakup 
the group (which included trumpeter Patrick Artero,
trombonist Daniel Barda and Marc Richard and Andre Villeger on reeds) 
performed at quite a few European festivals, but unfortunately never
in the United States. Their three recordings, one of which has guest 
appearances by singer Beryl Bryden, are collector's items.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
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