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> In 1965 I found out that she married a Doctor. Ah well, better to have loved
> and lost than never loved at all. I hope their children grew up to be jazz
> musicians.

Nope I ran a check on them and they are all in the Dr. profession, but they 
do play Banjo's and washboards in Dixieland bands on their days off,  :))

> Cheers,
> Steve  Barbone
> PS. Around that same time I took a hip chick to Birdland to hear Bud Powell
> and she shushed Audrey Hepburn who was at the next table. Ms. Hepburn did
> quiet down and also apologized for talking during Powell's performance. 
Ms. Hepburn  "Always A Class Act"  no matter what company she was keeping. 


Tom Wiggins

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