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> One think I learned in my 55 ys of life is that any activity in life is
> much better as a hobby than as
> profession, not just music.
> Take my specialty as un example, I am gynecologist, wouldn´t you like to
> have it as a hobby?.
> Cheers and a happy Christmas
> Luis

Ahh Luis:

All the dirty old men and dirty young men musicians, do have it as a Hobby, 
we majored in music and minored in gynecology, but chose to play music because 
the gynecology field was just too crowded, with all those other guys from 
other professions trying to be amateur gynecologist on their days off  :))

I remember losing many of my favorite clients who were always susceptible to 
that old Gynecologist line of (would you like to have a second opinion) in 
that field to other Gynecologist who came to my gigs just to steal clients for 
their own practice.  :))

Musicians make bad gynecologist however, and have to use it as a hobby 
because they are all willing to give those services for Free, unfortunately they get 
confused and often forget to charge for the music as well.

Cheers,  And Happy Holidays  :))

And may none of your favorite groupies have babies in the middle of your gig. 
 Gosh don't you just hate it when that happens, half way through WWW and the 
beeper goes off with a message, Mrs. Smith is in labor get to the hospital.  
Damn!  Another good gig ruined to go make money. 

Tom Wiggins
Professional Musician
Amateur Gynecologist

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