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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 20 10:19:07 PST 2004

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Got this from a pal, and wonderful jazz musician.

Steve Barbone

"I played at the Shanghai Jazz last night (Sunday), and my audience was
delightful. They spoke quietly and applauded politely from time to time. I
did very little talking, but I did encourage them to talk louder when I was
on break. So we shouldn't tar the Shanghai Jazz establishment with a poorly
selected brush. 

However, I also played there on Friday night early (4 to 7) for a Christmas
Party. By 6 the party was pretty noisy (open bar). The band that came in at
7 was the Dave Stryker Trio and they were very amplified - guitar, organ
keyboard and drums. Wow! They put the audience right in it's place. The band
drowned out the audience.

Anyone who hasn't been there (to Shanghai Jazz) should check out the artists
and head out there ASAP. In December, Shanghai has had Derek Smith, Randy
Reinhart Trio, Harry Allen Quartet, Keith Ingham, and several other names
most everyone on DJML knows. This Wednesday, Ken Peplowski will be there
with a trio. In this day and age, with Jazz Clubs disappearing, or offering
duos and solo acts at most, Shanghai seems to be prospering. David Niu, the
owner, and his wife Martha, are delightful people and a pleasure to work for
- and the food is spectacular.
Regards and holiday cheers,"

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