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I worried about my earlier post entitled December...., not wishing it to
sound like bragging about gigs, and now Russ has pulled an interesting
thread out of it!  

Yes, maybe our "go for it" genes have helped create all these clever kids.
I must say, they all had to do it basically on their own, in the case of
most musicians, because financially, there's not a lot to go around for
college educations, etc.

Of 5 kids, one works as a Spanish speaking expert for the State of
Washington, one as a microbiologist in cancer research, a younger daughter
has a Master's in Children's literature & works in that field in London.
Our twin boys (at 23 yrs of age) both have their Masters, and work as a Risk
Manager in at Deutche Bank (London), and a GPI expert in digital mapping (in

My speech to my kids (with wine glass raised), while out to dinner with the
family in London on Thursday, after the graduation ceremony
was.....................everytime I sing What A Wonderful World and reach
the last bit about "I hear babies crying, I watch them grow, they'll learn
much more than I'll ever know", I think of all of them.  

Ain't it the truth? 

Jim (choking up here) Kash

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Fellow musicians...

Have you ever noticed how much success the off-spring of musicians seem
to have?

James Kashiskian just returned from England from attending his son's
graduation with a master's degree in economics.

In my case, my number one son is a Lt. Col. in the US Air force in the
law department. He has a degree in History from Cal Berkeley and
graduated third in his law class.

My number two son is a graduate of Cal Berkeley and the UCLA school of
management and is a senior VP in finance at a major entertainment
company in Los Angeles. He enjoys a  six figure income.

Bob Ringwald begat Molly.

I rest my case.

Russ Guarino

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