[Dixielandjazz] Re: New Years Eve Gig

Artwoo at aol.com Artwoo at aol.com
Fri Dec 17 11:45:34 PST 2004

I consider myself lucky...a music major who still gets gigs. The regular trio 
I work with is getting $500 a man for New Years. I have only missed one New 
Year's gig since in 41 years of the music business (that was to go on a cruise 
with my family to celebrate my daughter's recovery from cancer). Our band has 
also gone on 3 cruises, with a 4th planned to Alaska next summer.

Although I play the dreaded "polka" music, I enjoy the work, except for 
occasional tonal conflict with the accordion player. A sub drummer once gave me a 
twisted compliment and said "you must play Dixieland...I heard some Dixie licks 
in your playing."

I guess the secret is that I work in a "niche" market: we specialize in 
Italian polka and European dance music (tango, mazurka, waltz, etc.) and also 

Another common aspect discussed before revolves around my leader...he makes a 
point of greeting everybody...even in a large banquet he will greet each 
table. He genuinely enjoys people, so this rubs off in a continual flow of work 
for anniversaries, weddings, club dates, etc.

Tom, Steve and Dr. Jazz have the key: provide a good product, enjoy people 
and be sincere about your work and be open for all possibilities.

Happy holidays to all.

Art Wood
trpt san leandro, ca

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